A Great Example of Recession Adaptation

by Lanny Goodman on June 1, 2009

My old friend and rock climbing buddy Bart Berry in San Diego has become a successful consultant but found himself struggling as his clientele began cutting back a couple of years ago.  Finally as the recession got really rolling and a lot of people were starting to get hurt he got a great idea:  Put on a recession expo as a resource to help others who were struggling.


There will be a wide variety of resources there for people needing help with mortgage relief, food stamps, health care, short term financing, you name it.  There will be 150 exhibitors, goal setting and sales guru Brian Tracy will be a keynoter as will be yours truly.  

I think it’s a great example of entrepreneurial thinking and adaptation.  If it works, it will expand to other cities.  Bart is getting some impressive corporate support as well.  It’s becoming a grass roots community effort.

The lessons: 

1) If you’re not sure what to do, find someone in pain and help them. 

2) If a lot of people have a problem, help them find a solution.  At the very least you will attract a great deal of favorable attention to yourself and PR is good.

Pretty basic stuff, but we get so stuck in our own ways of functioning, sometimes it takes an economic earthquake to shake us out of our narrow worldview and realize the scope of opportunities that are out there.

Bart’s a make-it-happen guy.  It will be an interesting experience.  I’ll keep you posted.  Meanwhile, take a look at his site.  http://www.heretohelp.us.

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