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Fixation on symptoms, ignoring root causes...

life Apr 24, 2021

The seemingly insurmountable crises we face today appear to be poised to plunge the world into chaos and possibly the extinction of the human race.

  • Climate change and it’s massive social, geographic, and political consequences
  • Political paralysis between right and left
  • Racism
  • “Healthcare”
  • The rise of Corporatocracy and the loss of Democracy
  • Disappearance of the middle class in the US and other countries as well.
  • The list goes on.

It has been my observation certainly of western cultures, but probably all human cultures that humans fixate on symptoms rather than root causes.

There are many examples of this in every daily news outlet.

For example, the chief weapon of politicians appears to be “blame”.

Of course, the purpose of blame is to weaken the power base of the “blamee” and increase the power base of the “blamer.” What is disturbing is that never is there any serious attempt to assess the underlying problems for which the person is being blamed.

What we glibly call “healthcare” has zero interest in health. Healthy people are bad for business. A couple of years ago I went with my wife, women’s health researcher and writer Christine Kent to the University of New Mexico Medical School library. I confess that I was shocked, if not surprised, that in the entrance to the library’s computer access room were two large vending machines, both stocked with a wide variety of junk food.

If doctors really cared about health, they would be prowling the halls and pounding the tables of Congress demanding the banning of Roundup and the endless list of manmade and toxic chemicals poisoning our air and water.

In fact, doctors also basically treat symptoms, not root causes. In all fairness to doctors, we, the consumers of medical services have taught them well.

“Don’t tell me to change my diet, lose fifty pounds, or give up soft drinks. Just make my heart condition go away!”

Doctors may be many things, but stupid is rarely one of them. They give us what we want, magic pills to cover over the symptom and thus hide the sole pointer we have to the true root cause.