The PER·SPEC·TIVE Call Program

The PER·SPEC·TIVE Call Program 

Lower Stress, Better Decisions

The equation is simple -

  • How you see your current reality determines
  • What actions you take 
  • Which determines your future reality.

Ultimately, your decisions are shaped by your perspective. We all like to think we have an accurate perspective on the realities of our existence. What we actually have, however, is a mental/emotional/experiential construct we define as reality.

Our reality construct is shaped by many things, our parents, the values of our community of upbringing, our education, our culture, our beliefs, and life experiences. Some of these components of our reality construct have been hurdles to overcome, and some have expanded our awareness and self-understanding. All have shaped what we experience as reality.

However, every reality construct has its limitations. It’s like an amoeba, with lobes of awareness and valleys of relative blindness. Everyone has experienced both in their lives.

Imagine if when leading a group or running a company, you had a way to get another perspective on how your reality construct influences you when faced with important decisions.

  • Am I seeing situations correctly?
  • What other ways of looking at a situation might open new options, ideas, or opportunities?
  • What hidden biases might I have that I’m either unaware of or ignoring?
  • Is there a different angle from which I should be looking at the situation?
  • How do I identify and elevate factors to consider that overall will help me to a higher perspective?
  • How do I avoid missing external factors impacting our business and be sure I'm investing adequate time looking outward?
  • What additional factors are there to consider I might not have thought of?
  • Are there additional questions to consider?
  • Am I losing perspective in blind spots I need to discover and manage?

A Different Point of View

A reality of organizational life is that everyone has an agenda. This means that the leader must exercise keen judgment on the scope and limits of the trust you grant to others.

How useful would it be then to have someone with a keen, active mind and diverse background to talk with on a regular basis, with whom you can express vulnerability if that is what you are feeling, without concern that your confidences might be used against you, or to explore a range of options without your listener trying to figure out how would such a decision would impact their personal ambitions?

I have been a personal confidant to many CEOs for over 40 years as a management consultant. I have worked with all kinds of companies and organizations, large and small, for profit and non-profit.

I was raised by distinguished scientists, a nuclear physicist and cultural anthropologist. I have degrees in both Fine Arts and Financial Management. I have a thirty-year meditation practice. I have lived and traveled to a wide range of countries, lived on both coasts, the mid-west and Texas.

I share all this to demonstrate that I have a diverse and expansive worldview that will enrich your assessment and decision-making processes without exposing you to the risks of organizational agendas outside your own.

The PER·SPEC·TIVE Call Program normally involves a zoom call either weekly or every other week for an hour or so. If there are documents that would be important to the conversation, you email them to me a few days ahead of our call so I’m fully prepared.

If something comes up between scheduled calls that I could be helpful with, I’ll make myself available around my other commitments.

With a safe, secure alternate perspective on issues like

  • Critical real-time decisions,
  • Organization’s strategic priorities,
  • Personal life issues or questions,
  • Employee challenges,
  • Hiring decisions,
  • Organizational realignments, or
  • Specific tactical issues.

You’ll breathe easier knowing that you have called on another point of view to help you question and/or validate the decisions you are contemplating.

The more richly your decisions are explored, the more confidence you’ll feel in their execution.

Leadership is stressful enough because of both the solo nature of it and the impact you have on people’s lives. Among the many benefits of leadership are obviously the positive impacts you can have on the lives of those in your sphere of influence.

A regular PER·SPEC·TIVE Call adds a dimension of comfort, confidence, and richness to your decision-making.

Please call me personally at +1 505-884-7300 for a complementary PER·SPEC·TIVE Call session.

Thank you.

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